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check out this site:

as it is late - drank too much coffee too late- I am not paying that much attention. I have heard that AZ is now adopting California Emmission standards. From what i gather on the site - pre 1988 vehicle of a certain weight must be retrofitted- they also mention letters being sent out

better yet : below from site- late and lazy

Unless specifically exempted, all 1967 and newer vehicles (including diesels) that are registered in the metro Phoenix (Area A) or Tucson (Area B) emission test areas must receive an emissions inspection no more than 90 days prior to registration.

Your registration renewal application from the Motor Vehicles Division will say "Emission Test Required" when it is time to have your vehicle tested.

If you work in the emission test area, but register outside of the area, Arizona law requires that you have the vehicle inspected in the area to which you commute.

Automobile dealers are responsible for having vehicles emissions tested prior to sale. You will be notified by Motor Vehicle Division when you need to re-register your vehicle and if it is due for emissions testing.

Vehicles to be tested must enter the inspection station under their own power. They may not be on or pulling a trailer.

Exempted Vehicles

Model year 2001 or newer, except reconstructed, vehicles
Model year 2003 or newer original equipment alternative fuel vehicles
Model year 1966 and older vehicles
Apportioned vehicles (licensed in more than one state)
Electric powered, golf carts or vehicles with engine displacement of less than 90cc
Vehicles leased to a person residing outside the emission control areas
Vehicles transferred between dealers (wholesale)
More Information regarding exemptions for New Vehicles, Vehicles Registered Outside of Tucson or Phoenix or Vehicles Out of State at Test Time

I told a friend when he mentioned this about running biodiesel for test
Western states 450 S 15th Ave phoenix has b100 2.60 per gal right now

hope this helps

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