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So am I right in thinking that you leave the existing door sill trim plates (the black and silver panels) on the car? That sounds strange: the new sill trim plates must be very thin?

And are the illuminated plates wired up to the car or are they, as MBenz suggested, some kind of "retro-reflective" or phosphorescent material? If they are wired up, how is this done?

Do they glow even in the Californian daylight? I agree, $230 seems a lot, but it's a detail I'd like to add to my car and one which would afford considerable satisfaction of a childish variety!

By the way, I'm fitting 4 new Continental ContiSportContact tyres to my car this week. I got what I think is a good price, 97GBP each including valves, fitting, and wheel balance (about US$150). The Dunlop SP9000s were just too expensive, 160GBP or $220 each.

The car is also getting its 48k miles (80k km) service next week. Any thoughts? (I mention this here as we seem to be this site's W202 fans).
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