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Although I don't care for a topsider, they can be effective if the oil is changed frequently. However, I do take issue with the lukewarm.

If you remove the oil while the engine is at operating temperature, which typically takes about 17 miles of driving, the contaminants are as thoroughly suspended in the oil as they are going to get. If the engine is not at operating temperature, some of the contaminants are clinging to the internals of the engine, rather than churned up in the oil, and thus, do not get removed.

The main reason you're changing oil is that it's the only way to clean the crankcase. If you drain it while the engine is warm rather than at operating temperature, it's like taking a shower with no soap. You are cleaner than you were, but you could be so much cleaner if you used soap.

Even though I choose not to use a topsider and make jokes about it, it will get the job done IF you remove the oil from the engine at OPERATING TEMPERATURE.

As for using the topsider. You can probably get pretty close to the same effect as my overnight drain, if you will topside the engine (at operating temperature) then allow it to set overnight, then topside it again the next morning. The overnight step is what gets the dirtiest oil(crud) out of the engine. Those last few drops that come out are the dirtiest drops of all.

Change oil HOT and change oil often,
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