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So Many opinions

Brothers of The Benz.
I don't know where this information about the conversion to R-134A has come from. It had to be originated from a very accurate source.
Here on the gulf coast the conversion is as simple and inexpensive as I posted.
There is always the question of oil compatability. The new oil blends with the original and the blended oil satisfies the oil requirement. Also in this new oil is an "O" ring conditioner.
As for removing the oil in the components, Condensor, Evaporater, Drier/reciever and the compressor, they will require removal and drained and flushed clear.
Boy what a major job that would be.
I'm not going to try to persuede you to do what you feel is detrimental to the long life and cooling ability of your A/C.
From all the data I've collected prior to my conversion, the "El Cheapo" vs. the very expensive and not needed process functions excellently and with a temp drop of no more than 10%. The method given to you by others is felt to be accurate by the giver.
In summation, all I have to say is,Talk to others who have made the simple conversion and the other elaberate type and "Do what you feel is right, and be happy in it".
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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