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300SDL oil pan

Has anyone hear removed the oil pan from their 300SDL? I need to as my pan is leaking and I want to have it patched. It has some sort of plate over the front of it with rivets going into it. Then it looks like they used epoxy around the edges, well now it's leaking. I also know my oan gasket is leaking so I'll get two leaks in one hit. The pan gasket is leaking enough to get to the ground though so that's good.

Have you removed the pan with the engine down on its mounts on the crossmember? I think the FSM says to raise the engine but I prefer not to as those huge allen bolts can be a pain for me to line up. I didn't know if it is perhaps possible to undo the pan then slide if forward then out? For those unaware, the 603 uses one large oil pan and costs $300+ new so a patch is the only route because I've never seen a person selling an oil pan for one of these. I'll be happy once it's done since it's a rather large leak. If the car is parked more than 5-10 minutes it leaves a spot. My rear crank seal is also leaving spots, but only about half as large however.


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