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Since my wife isn't looking....

I'd say that I spend about $1200-$1500 a year - maybe less. However,I tend to be a bit anal about maintenance. My car is
a 1993 300SD with 165,000 miles on it. It is not perfect
but you would never think that it is a 93 with that kind
of mileage on it.

The w140 seems to have a life of its own. Things start
to go wrong and then seem to 'repair' themselves. Bizarre
but true.

In my case, I plan to keep the car a lot time and I cannot
afford to miss work (I get paid by the hour) so keeping
my car in good shape is a priority for me.

I actually believe in changing the filters, oil, etc. and
doing transmission service in accordance with the book.
Over the life of the car it will, I think, be a lot cheaper.

I will go through 1 Benz in the time other people go through
4 Hondas, Toyotas or whatever. (I have owned several
Ralph Burnette
1993 300SD (286k + miles)
2000 SL500
2001 ML320
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