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Will someone please answer my question as to why most manufacturers feel the need to have an oversized seemingly eight foot long dashboard that extends from the A-Pillar to the instrument cluster? It just makes forward visibility non-existent, is terrible for glare, it's ugly, and is wasted space.

I'd say the car I have my hopes up for is the Bentley Flying Spur. It's the first car in maybe a decade that I have actually fallen in love with at first site. Too bad I couldn't say "PARTS WILL BE CHEAP, AIR SHOCKS NOT SPRINGS, WILL LAST 500K MILES TROUBLE FREE FOR 30 YEARS".

Heck, what can you expect for a car that was disguised using a W220 mockup costume. It MEANS that perhaps the Bentley will be the next OLD WORLD MB S-Class we can look forward to.

I see potential in VW products and their respective automotive branches. I like their product.

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