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I think it would be a pain to get it completly cleans because oil would constantly want to be running out. I think I'll just jack the engine up and go from there. We have a screw on a stand thing that we use at work to raise engines for such work. It is a tool that you use when working with a lift so I'll give it a shot within the next couple weeks then report back.

My engine has been degreased and is actually really clean. The bottom cover on my IP leaks some so that keeps getting dirty fast. Also, my lifter pump gasket is leaking, my hard fuel return line is leaking, my rear main is leaking, and my oil pan is leaking, also, it appears the oil pan gasket is leaking just barely so that will be fixed along with the oil pan. I think I'll also re-seal the lateral pan with the oil pan off. I hate looking out in front of my girlfriend's house and seeing my usual parking spot. My SD was also a terrible leaker, so her family has to be really turned off to MB diesels by now.


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