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I am in the process of having the timing chains and all the guide rails on my new 92 500E replaced (95,000 miles). As previously reported, it began to make that dreaded subtle noise on startup first thing in the morning.

My question is can the timing chain cover be replaced without removing the heads??

As I understand the details, to reinstall the timing chain cover, a new lower pan gasket was cut to fit just the front portion so that the rear lower pan did not require being removed. This created a tight fit when replacing the timing chain cover. During the installation process, the timing chain cover cracked.

This has reportedly happened on two previous timing chain cover replacements on other M119 motors. Is this a common problem encountered during this type of repairs? The proposal is to weld repair the cover and reinstall.

As the rear main seal has a minor leak & the shifter bushings are known to be quite worn, it has been suggested that we now pull the heads & the motor out of the car.

Is this necessary?
Can the timing chain cover be replaced with out pulling the heads?
Can we check the valve guides with the heads still on the engine?
Is it easier to replace the rear main seal by simply pulling the tranny instead of the motor?

The labor is being done at no cost.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

PS: what are the book hours to replace all of the rails, plus the tensioner & chain?

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