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I have had some experience with the steering column lock assembly. Depending on how much you are willing to do yourself and how nicely you want it to turn out there are several options. Yes you can mix and match lock cylinders. Why, other than to save a few $$ and create hassles? If you go through a dealer or one of the reputable on-line parts sources (good time for a PartsShop plug, eh?), you can get a replacement lock cylinder for any point on your car to match the original key that came with the car. This has the added beauty of being able to order a new key from any source in the parts system and getting the right key from just the VIN.

As far as the column goes, the steering lock, key cylinder, and ignition switch are all separate assemblies that fit together to make the ignition switch assembly. The whole shebang can be replaced for about $200. The steering lock drives a rod into the steering column to lock it in place. If the steering column isn't damaged, you can replace this assembly and possibly any trim that was ripped out in the theft and you're on your way. If the column itself was screwed up, you can replace that as well for whatever you can find one for in a boneyard.

This is one of those jobs that really needs a manual to do correctly. I don't have a scanner, so you probably want to find the chassis manuals or the cd's to guide you, unless someone else can scan the pages to you.

Good luck, the CE is a particularly nice model that always has caught my eye.
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