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603 prechamber clearance Q

first off,

thanks to all who replied to my 603 head install questions.

anyway, what should be the clearance between prechamber and the piston depression? the reason i ask is because my cyl head was shaved. the prechambers were installed without adding shims. I'm not sure if this is acceptable. I did measure how deep the depression on the piston is and the protrusion of the prechamber with the head. it seems there is adequate clearance between prechamber and piston even without the gasket.

Should the clearance be exact because of compression ratio concerns or should it just clear the piston?

and 2 other things, while vacuuming the top of the block i noticed oil seeping up between the block and the cylinder sleeve, is this normal? there is an ever slight gap between the 2 if i look close enough.

AND while cleaning the top of the pistons, i noticed that i could move them a tad sideways(rear-to-front of block), normal?

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