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Originally Posted by yosshimura
Ok..MB / BMW, etc... was the wish list , I agree, most of those guys in the MB stores look old and tenured... LOL....

I have to find out what the "avg sales / wk or month " is for newbies... I might be able to do it full time, depending how flexible their full time is... Just in the entertainment stage right now. Also have to find out $$ / pay... what % per sales or is it a flat $ per sales... etc.
Hard to give you an average as it's all over the board. The traditional pay plan is a percentage of the profit. The percentage could be anywhere from 10-30% depending on the dealership. There is also what is known as Pack, which is dealer profit you are not paid on, generally 250-750 a car. There is a lot of other dealer profit you won't be paid on but don't worry about that. Most dealerships pay what is known as unit bonuses, which means the more cars you sell the more you make. Sell 10 cars get 500, sell 15 get 2000.

Some dealerships will pay a percentage of the financing. Usually 5-10%, some don't. The trend is not to pay a % but to pay a flat on additonal products. GAP insurance=$25, that kind of thing.

Volume will depend on the product and the store. A good average is to figure you should be selling 12-15 cars a month.

Personally, I wouldn't sell in a high volume store, it's too much work. A high volume store will pay you a small % or a flat on every car and a unit bonus based on the number of cars you sold. I prefer a higher % of the gross. I'd rather sell one car and make $1000 than two at $500 each. Half the paperwork. New cars are easier to sell than used but you make more money on used.

I'd say on average dealerships like to keep the avg salesman making about 2500-3500 a month. If you want to make more than that you have to get units or gross up, depending how the pay plan is set up.

Hours will typically be opening to about 3pm every other day and 1pm-close every other day. Florida sells on Sunday so you might get 1 weekend off a month and a weekday off every week. Again, dealerships vary so you might have a couple bell to bell days during the week. It depends.
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