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Sorry I kept forgetting to post it, out of sight, out of mind I guess. But at least I had remembered to ask my boss. He says YES it's covered. i said "based on what?", and he said per the MB district rep, (he had already asked). One stipulation is that it isn't to be done on as seperate "job", so to speak, it is to be done at the same time as an "A" or "B" service. No "cutting corners", either. It is to be done at 2 years for the brake flush, 3 years at the coolant, so if you play your services right, you should be able to get 2 brake flushes and 1 coolant flush out of MB. We go by the production date found on the label in the body side of the drivers door jamb for determining when the date is due, ie a car with prod date 02/00 will be due 02/2002 for a brake flush, etc. I'm sure any reasonable service manager would allow it to be done a month or 2 early, as long as it's in for a A or B service anyways......Gilly
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