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Ok, so here is the deal on the hard starting problem I was having. So very similar to so many others that members talk about thought I would share my findings to help out.
Car is in great overall shape. great. Inside and out. Just had new windshield put in, clear corner lights, smoked rear lights, amg rims, 2.6 running strong with mods and improvments to include air filter and coil.
Hit 100,000 and started to not start / stay running on first start up cold. would turn over second time long then stay running at low idle till it could stop coughing and catch its breath. Read all threads and tips. Hit 100,000...replace plugs, wires, distrib, rotor. car ran great, still didn't start first time. Guess what...Cold start valve. yep, so expensive and so important. Dripping fuel as it sat and "flooded" car for first start. Replaced CSV and all problems fixed, car runs like new. Put new shocks/struts/springs and now wife won't let me have it long enough to even keep it clean let alone drive it.
Don't overlook CSV when you do your 100,000 + tune up / clean up. Even though it is was worth it and take 5 minutes to replace!
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