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The first step was to take it to the dealer. Of course the repair estimate came to over $7000. The insurance company decided that it would cheaper to call the car a total loss. They paid me off and then.... Let me keep the car.

The estimate had thousands of dollars in labor costs, so I've decided to try this one myself.

So far:

I've removed the dash, It needs to be replaced, but the wood trim is salvageable. The instrument cluster is fine, but one of the vents has been broken.

I've removed the steering column with everything attached, most of it needs to be replaced. The collar for the ignition switch has been bent back, the cylinder itself looks to be trashed, the wheel is ok and the multi-function switch looks ok. (The driver's door lock is trashed as well)

I've removed the Center Console and Transmission linkage, both need to be replaced.

There is some damage to the under dash wiring and the right rear window is not a window anymore..... These two items are probably not an issue.

The biggest challenge facing me now is finding an acceptable donor. In Europe, few cars were purchased with leather, and the CE-24 was not that common. I believe all 124's are the same up front, so that may help.

I still have two questions.

How does the rear view mirror come off and what is the metallic box under the dash on the driver's side. (It has a knob on the front with on/off markers. The knob rotates about 300 degrees to turn it off.
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