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Try to beat this:

I bought a '79 300SD 3 years and 32,000 miles ago for $1200. I actually bought it for a parts car but it ran so good, I started driving it.
Since I do all my own repairs and maintenance, there are no labor charges. Tires and battery were not replaced since they were almost new.
Total parts cost about $130. Three oil and filter changes: $120 since I use Castrol Syntec 5W50.
Since the body has a lot of rust, I don't plan to use it for more than 3 years if it lasts that long and then it will really be a parts car. I already have its replacement.
However, during the time I have had it, I made $250 on a slight accident by fixing it myself and removed parts I value at $200.
So the total cost, not including fuel, for 3 years and 32,000 miles was repairs: $130, maintenance: $120. But if you subtract the $450 for the parts and the accident it has cost me about $1000 including the purchase price.
So I have an S class Mercedes for less than the cost of a Volkswagen.

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