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Mercedes or BMW or Jaguar or Lexus

Hey everyone,

A lot of you know that I've been looking to buy a car as a daily driver and have seeked your wisdom and advice in helping make up my mind. I haven't bought anything yet for 2 reasons.
First, I want to buy a car with service history and that looks like it was well maintained. Most of the cars I've gone to look at are either private owners who want to sell their car, because they can't afford to fix it or dealers who got it on trade and know nothing about the car and also the dealer prices are not buyer friendly.
The second reason why I haven't bought a car is that I haven't decided what car I really want. I have a lot of cars in mind and it's tough picking just one when you don't know all the cars very well.

Today, I addressed that isue. I went and test drove 3 cars one after the other.

1. 2000 BMW 740iL - 60,000 miles Sahara Beige/Beige
2. 1994 Mercedes S500 - 49,000 miles Black/Balck
3. 2001 Jaguar XJ8 - 30,000 miles Black/Black

Here's the verdict. The BMW drives like a dream. It's fun, alive, spacious, quiet, powerful and you feel like you're driving a much smaller car, bacause of its agility. Handling is superb! Visibility is great. I love this car! The rear legroom is incredible. I love the design of the interior and exterior of this car. I could easily buy a car like this in a heartbeat. The 4.4L V8 is just enough power for me for a daily driver. The 750iL with its V12 would get me in a lot of trouble. You don't feel the speed in this car. The heated steering whel is a welcome feature for our colder climate.

The W140 S500....where do I start. The car I was looking was in outstanding condition. It's a 1 owner car that has all service records. I didn't read them since my intention was to drive the car only. Also the asking price was double the market value. The car is huge! I tried the vacuum assist on all doors and trunk and they work fine. I tried reverse to use the rear antennas. That's a nice feature. The interior was spotless and the rear adjustable seat and power headrests are great. I tried all the power options to see if they worked including the windows, rear shade, heated seats, mirrors, climate control, etc... everything worked. The double paned glass gives you a real sense of security. I really like the richness of the materials in this car. On the road the car reminded me of the 80s cars only more powerful and heavier. The car didn't seem to have the finesse or smoothness for the lack of a better word, of a W220. I felt like the engine in this car had to work hard to pull this beast! When driving an R129 SL500 you can see how much of a difference the weight of the W140 punishes the motor. Nevertheless, the car was quite impressive. The ride is superb, other than the fact that the rear shock bushing ,or something like that, was making a squeaking noise the whole time. The presence of the car in traffic is intimidating. You feel like a King in this car. I could easily buy the first W140 I see for sale, because of my passion for quality materials and large cars. I need to be careful and wise if I decide to buy one of these mammoths.

Last but not least, the Jaguar XJ8. The didn't have a VDP (VDP = Vanden Plas which is the long wheelbase and fully loaded model), so I took a short wheelbase car out for a drive. The car has a small trunk, small quarters, cramped interior, low seats, low roof and is hard to get into. Once inside, the leather and wood surround you with a warmth and the 290hp engine pulls like a locomotive. Well, at leats it feels that way. Looking over the sculptured hood is wondeful. The car is quiet and much more refined than the previous Jags I've owned which were XJ6s. The car definitely has the look of class. This car is nice, but in the end, I find it too tight and less engineered than the BMW and Mercedes. So the Jag is out of the question for sure. I still love the car though.

I have already driven the Lexus LS400 and have to say that it gives me the feeling that it will be the one that breaks down the least and will be the cheapest to maintain from the bunch. It's a dull car, but I'd buy a mint condition one if I find one. That is the single most important factor for me. I want to buy a car that is as close to perfect as possible and so I will wait as long as I can to ensure I buy the best car I can find. My daily driver is supposed to be a reliable car first, but my lust for the big luxury cars is blinding me.

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