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Just as an aside, in September of ’79 I was transporting a then 6 year old 25” color TV on the back of a pickup truck. The TV was a floor standing model with a wood cabinet. I pulled away from a stop sign and the TV slid backwards and off the back of the truck, landed on it’s side and did not explode. I went back to get it (didn’t want to leave it on the road), took it to my folks house (where it was destined for storage). When I got there, I plugged it and……drum roll please…it still worked! The cabinet was broken in 2 places. I ended up using it for almost 5 years before the CRT faded.

The TV was a hand me down from my folks. Never since have I gotten such a deal!

My ML is under warranty but even so I’ve put a little over $2,000 worth of accessories and 3 non warranty covered oil/filter changes, in the first year. Oh, yes, plus I bought an extended warranty, for the discounted price of $1,600. The car will have a MB warranty for a total of 100K miles.

My 400E, new to me in January has had new wheels & tires, a few minor fixes and I’m just starting to accessorize it. I’d guess about $1,600 since then, and I have a 60K mile checkup for it in the next month or so. Plus I'm debating putting on either a set of 500E sway bars or the RENNtech counter parts.

My 21 year old 928 had all of its water and related hoses plus a front end seal replaced, plus a couple of injectors, and a few odds and ends. I’d guess about $2,200 or so this year.

My 528e had a new muffler and a tune up this year….about $1,200..

My 2 week old bike blew a rear tire…$4.00 for a new inner tube

What price passion!?

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