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Mike, Thank you for the reply...

1989 300TE 4matic, 5spd manual

The car worked fine for several months and then the battery started to go dead. The ABS and 4matic packed it in at the seame time. One ignition lead was arcing so I had the lot replaced and there wasa problem with a fuel pump as well. After breaking down on the road due to a fule pump, I had the dealer go through the car from top to bottom, they also replaced the battery as they said there was nothing wriong with the charging and there were no shorts. All was well for a month or so and now the 4matic light has returned to haunt me and it is definitely in 2WD.

Am I likely to cause damage driving it in this condition?

The fact that I am located in Luxembourg and the service staff are not exactly fluent in English and my French and German is virtually non-existant doesn't really help much.

Thanks again,

Ed Healey
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