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Although I make admittedly opinionated comments, I don't mean to imply anything bad toward anyone who may hold a different opinion.

I was emailed this morning to tip me off that there was a bad post with my name, on the Roy Fields site. Before I saw that email, I had never seen, or even knew of the Roy Fields site. The post was written by someone besides myself, but had the appearance that I had written it.

The post indicated something like; if you don't use a topsider and don't change your oil every 100 miles you should go to h___, then there were three dots then Larry Bible.

It was followed by another post that I think indicated that I was an owner in Mercedesshop, except they used a profanity in the place of "shop". And that all I wanted to do was see mercedesshop pedal parts.

I suspect that whoever wrote those messages have read this thread.

I want to make it clear, that the only involvement that I have had in mercedesshop is posting and replying for over a year. I have no stake, or official involvement in mercedesshop in any way. But, if I did, I would be very proud to be associated.

Most of the time, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and posting in mercedesshop. It's the only place where I can discuss one of my interests in life.

Soooo..... if you like using a topsider, just knock yourself out. It's great that you are changing your oil and taking care of your car. Because of that, we have much more in common than you may think.

I again apologize to anyone who may have been offended in any way by my comments. I personally would not have taken such an approach to refute someone else's opinion, but I suppose it takes all kinds to make up the world.

Have a great day,
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