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Hmmm...I think I've talked to you in one of your prior threads, just I'll interject my .02 here anyway. The E38 740iL is by far the best car in that class imho. No disrespect to the W140, they are awesome cars in their own right. I just feel that the E38 combines the best attributes of the W140 (presence, build quality/materials, stability, ect) into a more fun-to-drive and agile package. My dad and I test-drove every car on your list when we were looking for cars years ago, and the E38 was the one we kept coming back to. We have had both a 740i and a 740iL, they are both incredible cars. The 2000 model is appealing b/c it has some features which were either unavailable or options in previous years, such as xenons (standard in '99, n/a on the 740 before that, standard on the 750 since '93- industry first in the USA) and Navigation (became standard in '00, was optional from '97-'99). You will love this car. BUT...the 7-series are expensive to maintain. We were paying on average $4-5K/ year out-of-warranty. We eventually got a W210 E430 to replace the 740iL. While it is nowhere near the E38 in terms of driving experience, it has proved to be much more reliable, easier to maintain, and efficient for everyday use. The E38 was the last of the really driver-oriented big Bimmers. With the E65 successor, BMW seemed to veer off into a computer/electronic-controled frenzy and lost some of the 'soul' that BMWs have in regard to the driving experience.

Whatever you buy, best of luck.
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