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Brian and Giulo,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I've seen some rather nice limo tints in the magazines, but I guess I wont go with them. Our law here stipulates a minimum of 70% light penetration for the front windscreen, and 50% for the sides and rear. I'll probably go for 60% (front) and 40% (sides and rear).

Brian, yes, the DIY films cost soooo much cheaper than the upmarket ones, but I've found a place which charges USD$9 for labour for one window, using DIY films. So that probably comes to USD$54 for all six windows. I guess the cost (or rather, the lack of it!)is one big evil temptation to wanna buy DIY films.

Giulo, I've read about the effects of Windex in other similar posts, so I'll steer clear from it. I suppose a moist towel is suffice for cleaning the insides?

One question though, will my defroster lines on the rear window be affected if I do pull out (with the aid of a hair dryer) the film? I've read that lighter fluid is able to remove the remaning residue, but will the glass be like its original condition without any scratches/adhesive/hairline cracks?

Just wanna feel assured before I proceed.



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