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I'm not sure if the Jaguars still use Lucis wiring harnesses, but if they do, then DO NOT buy a Jaguar.

I once owned an MG, which also has Lucis wiring, and it was totaly rebuilt, frame-off, after I bought it. My mechanic had a sign in his shop that read, "The reason the British drink warm beer, is that they have Lucis refrigerators." And That is exactly the reason that I now have a Mercedes. My "new" car is 23 years old with over 300k miles on it, and it has never broken down, or let me down. Stick with good old german engineering and you will be very happy. As a side note, I would stay away from Bavarian cars, the Bavarians make great beer , but that doesn't necessarily mean that they can make good cars... infact I would say, due to their great beer, that the reverse holds true.

Anyway, good luck.
Tommy Darcy
'82 300D (Turbo) c300k miles, "Mary."
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