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Dont try it.....

It just so happens that I used to install window tint professionally, And I will tell you, Let the Shop do it for you! If you have never done it before, it is a HUGE chore.! It took me 1 month of training to get it right, (not to mention all the tint I wasted)....Let me tell you a fewthings about the Tint Job:
1) You have to be in a dust free enviroment to install it. No wind at all, And you have to clean each and every window with a razor blade(but dont use it on de-frosters). If your windows are not SPOTLESS, you will see every little dust,dirt..etc.. in it when you are done.
2) The best quality of Tint usually, is only found at the Tint places, The auto parts stores usually sells inferior tint. It is very thin and will not last. The tint places may sell you the tint, but be prepared to pay about $7-10.00 a foot. 3M is a good quality,if you can find it.
3) So now you have every thing spotless clean, and now you have to cut the tint to size, I cant tell you the times I have mis-cut the tint film, You have to make such a perfect cut, that one slip, and you just ruined that piece of tint.It takes 2-3 hours to do a whole car (depending on the car) It is so easy to make a mistake,its not really worth it to DIY, but if you must try, try a small window first.
4) Practice is the only way to get good at it..
5) I havent done it in about 4 years, But I am going to get my car done soon, And I am going to let them do it.!! There is just way to much room for error, and the more you do it, the better you get, I will let them do it. I checked prices around here (N.C.), and the going rate is around 225.00-275.00 for a 4 door and back glass.. If I had PLENTY of tint to use (without it costing me) I would do it myself.
5) As far as removal, your windows will be fine, tint does no damage to windows, But let me tell you, when you remove it, be prepared to remove ALOT of adhesive..If by chance the tint does rip off without leaving any, consider yourself very lucky...Good Luck.
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