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I had a 140, I loved that car, it was heavy, and it was quiet. I will never forget when a lady pulled in front of me and I thought I was going to hit her, that S class just zipped right around her, I was truly amazed to see this big of a car do exactly what I told it to do. It is a wonderful car with first class materials and will look new for a long time. Currently I have an SL320, and a 2000 BMW 528i. The 5 series is a geat car, has 42k on it now. The 6 cylinder is a little under powered, but I am used to the SL with 225hp. The 5 has 190hp, I think. There are a few buggery problems with that 5 that you will learn about, but they are so easy to work on. I love working on my SL, but the BMW is a breeze. And when I buy parts for the BMW vs. the MB, they are so much cheaper. I will never understand why a set of wheels for an SL cost $2500, and a set of wheels for a BMW, same size and type cost $500. Most information about the BMW's can be found on the web and there are so may BMW guys out there modifying their cars with everything you can imagine. I like the BMW as it handles wonderfully for a 4 door, it gets up to speed ok, and it is simple.
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