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I posted this topic in the Peformance Paddock, but wanted to also get this in front of the Techs for comment. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I'm considering the replacement of the M104 engine in my 1990 300SL with an M119. I have access to a 1998 M119 engine complete with harness and brain... and with transmission if I need it. This came from a 1998 SL500.

My interests are to boost HP and torque and I plan to hold on to the car so impact to resale value is not a concern.

My questions are related to what needs to change with the swap.

1) Will the existing 722.500 5spd auto work with the M119?
2) What are the interfaces required between the 1998 brain and the balance of the cars electronics?
3) Would the fuel delivery system require upgrade to work with the M119 sequential injection system.
4) Would I be better off finding 90/91 M119 controls/injection/induction for compatibility.
5) Would the radiator in the 300SL be large enough for the M119.

... and any other considerations helpful to support this probably insane plan



1994 E320 Coupe (120k)
1990 300SL (BBS,RENNtech adds)
1988 260E Sedan (180k)
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