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I'm probably in competition here for the most picayune problem, but here goes...

I just bought a '92 400E. The cigarette lighter was missing. More specifically, the plug-in part of the lighter was missing. The socket itself seemed/seems fine.

I bought a cigarette lighter, MB part # 000-825-09-51, from, because I couldn't find a lighter for a 400E at FastLane or PartsShop.

I now wonder if I got the right part. The lighter fits, but but when I press it in to the deeper position to begin heating up, the unit does not stay inserted, instead popping right back to the default position. If I hold it in manually for few minutes, it does not get hot. Also, a ring of bare, silver-colored metal is visible around the lighter when it is inserted, which doesn't seem up to par for MB fit and finish.

Can anyone tell me whether I ordered the right part?


'92 400E
'92 325is (sold)
'72 250C (sold)
'71 280SE Euro (totalled)
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