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Originally Posted by Lebenz
I wonder if GM would be doing so well if they outsourced most of their support?

I have gradually grown to loathe contacting MS support. They now outsource their enterprise level services to India. Recently I spent half a day on an installation related issue for Exchange server. The folks were helpful, spoke reasonable English, and provided detailed guidance, but still managed to completely miss the target. This was not the first time for such a failure, nor was it the worst. It is almost a pattern with them now a days.

It seems that GM and MS have in fact joined forces in that they both make products beyond their ability to support. We all suffer for this kind of miss-management. Bad and unsupportable products is why GM as a company is failing and Microsoft is running head long in the same direction. As I live a hand full of miles away from both Mr. Gates house and the Redmond campus, it is appalling that the wealthiest guy on the planet canít provide competent support for his products, and it is insulting that he refuses to support his own countrymen.
He has no countrymen. He's a globalist. We're all one. We are the world. Khumbaya.

Reminds me of a poem from the UK.

bought a computer.
It cost a thousand pound,
But every time I switch it on
It keeps on falling down.

I used to think it was my friend,
But now it drives me 'round the bend.
You'd be surprised the time I spend:

I switch it on -
What is this?
Something wrong with CONFIG SYS
This isn't my idea of bliss:

I want to share my printers and
I want to share my files.
I want to share my anger
'Cause it drives me blooming wild.

My songs, they say, are sublime;
I've conquered cadence, mastered rhyme.
But now-a-days I spend my time:

Reinstall - oh what fun!
It says it helps you get things done.
Every day now, everyone's

Look again. It will say
All you do is plug and play.
How do I spend every day?

It can't find my printer and
It can't locate my mouse.
The other day it drove me
Right out of the house.

Still unplugged, still unplayed,
I e-mailed God in search of aid.
He's far to busy, I'm afraid...

Up at dawn for one more try
Will it work? - Can pigs fly?
How do I expect to die?

I used to like a drink or three.
No time now - don't call for me.
How will I spend eternity?
'Government is like a baby:
An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and
no sense of responsibility at the other'
- Ronald Reagan
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