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Follow up on my new tyres.

I had 4 new Continental ContiSportContacts fitted on my W202 today. Size 205/55 R 16 W on standard 16" six hole/spoke sport alloys. Replaced a non-branded aggressive looking tyre caller "Star Millenium".

I bit the bullet today after a scary moment earlier in the morning. Joining a motorway in heavy rain, the ASR light flashed as I accelerated off the on ramp and onto the carriage way at about 60 mph. Then 50 miles later, rounding a sweeping dual carriage way bend in heavy traffic at 75-80 mph in the wet, the steering suddenly lightened and the tail stepped out about one to two feet. Took about 10 seconds to settle down.

New underpants quickly followed by new tyres.

What an improvement. As soon as I left the shop I could feel the difference. Much smoother in town and less crashing on broken roads. At speed, far superior ride and noise and much, much better wet grip (haven't tried dry yet as it is still raining).

Tyre was cheap(ish), too. I recommend this tyre. I mention this here simply because most W202 owners will read this post.

BTW, David, do you have part numbers for the illuminated door sill kit? Thanks in advance.
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