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The rear seat has to be pushed upwards after the bolts are removed (but you already know), the 3 (?) plastic pins are clear as well, the compartment box for the emergency kit has to be removed (clamped under the rear deck and has to be taken out by pulling up the front-beware of clamps-and rotating out the rear.
The C pillar panels have to be removed and these are clamped (3 times) in the C pillar along the door opening. You can see the clamps after the velvet like trim is removed (pulling straight away from the C pillar) and these clamps have to be pushed to the rear screen. The top rear is clamped in the C pillar as well with a steel clamp; this one has to be pulled upward to release it (and the hole panel).
Don't know anything about the brake light...we didn't have them in the Netherlands.

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