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Originally posted by jjrodger
Also, you may wish to seek his advice before doing any further work. I reckon Mbenz has forgotten more about the C-Class than any of the rest of us have ever known.
Thank you for the compliment!! My face turned to read when I read this.

I know that your detector is working fine now, but I just wanted to let you know.
I have hooked my radar detector up to the dash lighting. Whenever I turned my ignition key before, the radar detector would perform his start-up check (lots of noise) and after the car started I got the same start up check from the detector again (lots of noise for the second time). That was the main reason why I hooked my radar detector up to the dash illumination (I always-24/7-drive with my lights on!). The second advantage is that the radar detector will not function properly as soon as I dim my dash lighting (which is very convenient when being stopped by the police in a country that does not allow anyone to have a radar detector). The detector is completely legal in the Netherlands but not in the other European countries.

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