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Today I put some money down on a 1985 190D, 2.2L diesel, w/ 90K, 5speed. Price $4600.

Its from a small dealer, so I have NO history. It looks clean. It has decent acceleration w/5speed, and seems to drive fine. Although it likely needs shocks.

The engine (which was NOT cleaned by dealer) is bascially clean, but has some oil seepage on the outside of the head-gasket (on front and under the intake). Also oil around power steering pump.

No oil in coolant, seems to run smooth and strong.

This car is 2hrs from me so bringing it to a MB mechanic would be difficult. I only put down $200. Should I run?

Are these motors strong, easy to fix? Should I worry about the head-gasket? What should I look for?

Any advice from MB diesel owners is most welcome.



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