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Originally Posted by Nabeel
That included maintenance. Still a lot of money. I would expect a W140 to require similar (or even more expensive) upkeep as the years roll on. Have you considered an E39 5-series? They have much of the same good attributes of the 7, but in a smaller size. The 528i especially should be more reliable than a 540 or 7-series because of its more simple design. I found these cars to almost rival their bigger brother 7-series in quality of materials and fit and finish, while being more fun to drive.
The 7 series is a great car but very unreliable. Expect it to be in the shop often and go ahead and keep the check book out. The problem with the 7 series is there seems to be 2 of everything..all the way down to two fuel filters.

Have you tried the BMW 530? Not the fastest off the line but one of the most balanced as far as overall BMW design.
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