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CSV replacement

So simple it hurts! The csv is located in the center of the intake manifold. Right between the fuel injectors, I think between the third and fourth cylinder. Just take off the air cleaner and you have access to it. It has an elec connector onthe top of it. Carefully remove elec connector, remove two hex head bolts with allen wrench. Take csv out if intake. ( It squirts extra fule in to intake along with injectors when temp guage notes cold condition. Problem is over time they develop leaks and too much fuel drips into intake while car is off. "flooding" it for a little while, or for the first few attempts at starting car.)
SImple install new csv in reverse order. Tighten fuel inlet to proper torque ( included in csv package) and dont forget the brass washer also included.
Very simple...let me know if you need more. Was about $80 to $100 US but fixed my problem in about 15 minutes.
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