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Originally Posted by aklim
I agree. However, adult or not, if she cheaps out, we will be left holing the bag. For what it takes the taxpayers to pay for the pills, it is a cheap price to pay when a baby pops out and she cannot support it. In an ideal world, your answer is right. Once she gets pregnant, you can argue about your fault, my fault, her fault, nobody's fault all you want. We know that we will end up footing the bill for another 18 years.
Why should the taxpayer support it....current welfare rules mean that is unlikely....10 years ago your arguement was correct.

I still say...if she wants sterilised fine...but for the pill..any pill any person with resources for college has the ability to buy....

I will argue for making the pills availible to the public....but I will argue against making them availible at taxpayer expense.
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