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Shagbenz, you can be sure you got me convinced after sharing your experiences. I guess you're in the best position to advise on this, and also to everyone who has given his 2 cents, thanks for the help!

Apologies for under-estimating the DIY nature for such a job, the 1-month training really wowed me!

David, I'm located in Singapore. Too bad I could not try out the shop where you'd done your tint if you were to recommend me one.

Jonathan, you must forgive me for letting slip the light transmission figures! I actually meant 80% for front and 60% for sides and rear. The idea being a 10% allowance above the minimum legal limit. It must be the late nights that caused me to fumble........

On another note, a friend of mine assured me that the traffic cops here in Singapore are more likely to target boy-racer cars (such as Civics, Lancers and CRXs) than luxury cars such as MB, even though both kind of cars have the same level of tint. It seems that MBs are less likely to incur the cops' wrath assuming modifications on both cars are about the same. That's one advantage of driving a MB, yea?

Lim, V-Kool for the entire car costs S$1200 here in Singapore for my W126! Thats a saving of S$500! Incredible, it sort of affirms my suspicion that most auto products and services in Malaysia is cheaper than in Singapore.

Ok, enough of a super long message. I will take into consideration all your comments, and one thing for sure, I'm gonna get the pros to do it for me!

Thanks again, cheers!

1983 W126 (280SEL)
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