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Yeah, the body is virtually rust-free. The interior is damn near immaculate. It actually runs quite good and the brakes seem to be in excellent shape. I have a huge list of things I need to do and I'll get through them all.
In fact, just today, I discovered that the tube leading away from the window washer motor was stuck underneath the reservoir, so I pulled it free and it works just fine.
The AC is another story: when I put the automatic climate control on the coldest setting and turn the fans to the strongest blow, the car seems to bog down a bit, as if the compressor has kicked on, but the air doesn't seem to get that much more cold. Of course, it hasn't gotten particularly warm in the Pacific Northwest since I bought it. I'm really hoping it just needs a recharge. Anyone know how I can conclusively tell if the compressor is working?
1982 Silver 300DT
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