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Just wanted to throw out a bone to the early (92-94) 140 the past two years of ownership I have had the following repairs...
New Engine $10,000,AC Evap core,dash control unit,vacuum accumulator,various AC switches..$6,000,closing assist pump $1,000,
alternator,motor mounts $1,200,front end work $1,000,electric steering wheel control unit $650
about $20,000 in repairs(90% warranty)..and this was a one owner full records auto when I bought it.....granted I have had all the work done at the dealer and they(MB dealer and my local MB rep) tell me that all the repairs are not uncommon on these!! this point the only thing that hasn't been replaced by me or the first owner is the AC compressor and transmission for the most fact the AC evaporator has been done twice!!!
Anybody else out there with a 140 that has had a multitude of problems?....I only have 6,000 miles of warranty left and I am getting somewhat concered...I have a buddy in town who has 1992 400SE with about 8,000 miles of warrenty left and it is for sale because he is afraid to have the car after the warranty expires...he has had about $12,000 in repairs in two years......My MB dealer keeps telling me I have now had ALL the trouble spots addressed and it should be smooth sailing for a long time....I wonder about that...any advice?

1992 300SD 115K
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