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Quote: the past two years of ownership I have had the following repairs...
new Engine $10,000, A/C Evap core, dash control unit, vacuum accumulator, various AC switches..$6,000, closing assist pump $1,000, alternator,motor mounts $1,200, front end work $1,000, electric steering wheel control unit $650

about $20,000 in repairs(90% warranty).....granted I have had all the work done at the dealer. At this point the only thing that hasn't been replaced is the AC compressor and transmission for the most part, in fact the A/C evaporator has been done twice!!!

...have now had ALL the trouble spots addressed and it should be smooth sailing for a long time.
That's some menu. Personally, you could have done most of the repairs for quite a bit less, substantially less!

For example, my S500 cpe developed DTC problems and I was able to fix it for $200, new Ignition Control module. The dealer price is $1113 for the part plus labor, about $1800 price tag. BTW, that was the only problem with the car to date!

So most of your items could have been fixed similarly except possibly, the engine. But even that could have been rebuilt for much less. Yes, the cars are very expensive but your car seems like just about everything major 'broke', very unusual. Especially, replacing two (2) A/C evaporators.

So bottom line, I agree with what you've replaced it should outlive you. But in the future, you may want to do some of the 'stuff' yourself, provided your decide to keep the car.

Somehow, I don't think you will!
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