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Thanks Jim for the reply.....I am not sure about the keeping /selling the car at this point...but The car seems so complicated that I am almost afraid to take it anywhere but the dealer for fear of getting in back in worse shape....I agree the evaporator thing was unreal...the original owner paid for the first replacement in 1996 and it was repaired again under warranty in 2000 while I was the owner....I am not sure if you have ever seen that done...but the complete dash has to be diassembled... about 28 hours of labor.I would not trust that job to many people
The dealer tell me thay do many evaps on 140's...that concerns tech even told me he once did an S600 which only had 16K on the odometer....and s600's he told me have two evap cores!!!
How long have you owner your car?....never any AC problems?

1992 300SD 115K
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