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Well, I've kept out of this topic for long enough. Larry, don't let 'em get you down. I might not always agree with you or anyone else, but that doesn't make abuse acceptable.

As for topsider vs. drain: I own a Tempo Oil Boy extractor ( I've had it for over a year. I have a very good friend that works for Travis Boats (, and when I was looking for a Topsider, he came up with this alternative, and I bought it. It was about $35. This is NOT to take away from the folks here at Mercedesshop, I use them and if they had had the Topsider available I'd have bought it from them. It takes 10 pumps to drain the oil. Holds over 5 quarts. I have never had a problem using it with blazing hot oil. Just to make sure, I contacted their technical folks yesterday and they reasurred me that HOT oil was no problem. As for the difference. When I do an oil change, I drain all the oil I can while hot. Then I wait about 30-60 minutes and suck up some more. Then I wait until the next morning, and get the last bit (usually less than a tablespoon on our 300E. I unscrewed the drain plug once and found much less than a teaspoon still in there.

Just my 2 cents - hang in there Larry!
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