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Is wind noise at highway speeds a "known issue" for W126 cars, such as my 1991 420SEL? I used to drive a 1984 300SD and it was noisy at highway speeds, but I "blamed" the noise on the fact that it was a diesel. Same with my old 1967 250SE, it was noisy, but the window seals and weatherstripping were kinda ratty, so I "blamed" it on the seals. (By comparison, my 1988 Cadillac Seville is library quiet even at highway speeds). Normally, my "new" 1991 420SEL is tight as a drum, no squeaks, no rattles, nothing loose, (no noises except for the A/C aspirator fan whirring). highway speeds there is a lot of wind and tire noise (running Michelins MXV4, I think). Because the car is so quiet otherwise, the wind noise is a bit of an annoyance. Tire noise is a fact of life, so I don't mind. But wind noise is another issue. I read some of the posts here and I see that wind noise appears to be a fact of life for these cars, even for the newer bigger M-Bs. But is that true across the entire W126 line?

I read where M.B.DOC indicated that there was a service bulleting from M-B for the E320, where M-B suggested removing the air intake grill (located by the windshield wiper area) and applying double sided tape to seal leaks in that area. The "cure" worked for member Shaun McCarren.

Is there a similar bulletin/cure for the W126? Most of the nosie seems to come from the windshiled area. It is not a whistling sound (so I am assuming there are no air leaks) but more like a roar. There are no other wind noises.

Just for kicks I squirted water with a water hose all around the windshield chrome trim, under and over the trim and no water leaks there, so the air must be rushing past some other place.

I guess I could just crank up the stereo, but I would like to find a solution. Thanks in anticipation for your help.
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