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Good Independent Shop


I should have touched on this; find a good independent MB shop. It'll make a difference in the bottom $$ line. I use a small shop here in SD, CA called 'Exclusive Motors'. The tech is the best diagnostician I've ever seen. He's frankly a little weak in electronics but is just great at engines, transmissions, and everything else!

Personally, not had any problems with this S500, A/C included except for the DTCs. So go figure?

BTW, DTC problems can also break the bank. In fact, that's what got me to 'learn' the internal ECU systems (click on red house) in the car because, frankly, the local dealer's knowledge was minimal.

Problems in that area are difficult and very time consuming to find. Since THEY are paying the bill (Starmark), it tends to be a quick r&r. If you have to come back, so what!
If YOU'RE paying, then the time for detailed check of DTCs becomes very expensive ($90/hr) just for troubleshooting!

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