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After realizing that my good old trusty 300E has been buring oil lately, and being very sluggish, I took it in to my tech to have it serviced. The head problem these cars a known for rested in the back of my mind but I never really paid any attention to having a head job done. Well finally its gotten to a point where the head must be rebuilt. I want to know if possibly I can get the necessary parts from partsshop, and give them to my tech to do. ( I am aware that machine work will be needed)

I was hoping that maybe some of my fellow Mercedes Brethen could help me out in maybe tuning my head a little "above average" I don't know waht would be needed to increase power, however If I'm going to blow 1,000 plus, I might as well go a litle extra to have some performance aprts installed. what could be done. Benzmac and others, please adivse. Ohh and don't hesitate to be creative.

Also what kind of power could I expect to gain if the head is polished and ported.?

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