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Fuel tank hose barb fitting for SVO 300SD

I gather that the thing to do with SVO is to jump up the fuel line from 5/16ths to 3/8ths. A friend of mine did his using the original tank fitting, running a short length of hose to a 5/16 hose barb/male 3/8 pipe attached to a female 3/8 pipe/3/8 hose barb and then ran 3/8 hose all the way under the vehicle (a 300D) and just strapped it to the old steel fuel line.

His seems to work just fine -- maybe I'm being to fanatical in wanting to eliminate that short length of 5/16 line, I don't know, but it looks like you could just unscrew the hose barb fitting from the tank and if you could find a 3/8 hose barb fitting with the same thread, you'd eliminate some busy-ness.

Anybody done it that way?

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