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Smile Bought a '72 Spitfire (treasure-hunting during the F1 race weekend)

Well, the F1 race in Indy was a total bust, but I came back with some cool race-weekend souvenirs. On the drive over my buddy and I ran across a little town that was having a city-wide rummage sale. Found a Crafstman chainsaw for $25, a Yamaha turntable for $5, and a Ryne Sandberg posable figure for $.25 (GO CUBS!). My buddy scored two boxes of that thin brick facade to replace some broken pieces in his house for a quarter, too. I left a hydraulic hoist at one garage sale... it was $75, though. Wish it had been more affordable.

My big "race souvenir" was a 1972 Triumph Spitfire, though. I have had a '67 MGB GT and a '76 TR6, and miss them both something fierce. This Spit had a great body and frame, and the p.o. said it was parked with an engine "tick" 11 years ago. It was garaged since. New top, tires, interior, etc... not bad looking for the $. He even offered the use of a tow dolly to get it home, so I took a gamble.

Got it home, got it started, and found it was spitting oil underneath. Hmmm... dropped the pan and found what was left of one cylinder and rod in the bottom of the pan. Yee-haw! Rebuild or replacement time!

These are such neat little cars. I'd like to get it running reliably enough for the g/f to tool around in it. Such simple little buggers... now if I can just find and engine and figure out why the coil only gets 12 volts when the key is in the "Start" position...

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