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For any dealership to be like that I think its just incalled for.

Without customers like you buying their cars, that dealership would likely go out of business.

A lot of people say that the customer is no longer always right, but in my book, the customer is always right.

I think there should be two main rules for any business int he way they handle customers.

Rule Number 1. The customer is always right
Rule Number 2. If the Customer is wrong, RE-READ Rule Number 1.

Definately try another dealer, and go straight to the top of their service department before you let them do anything for you. Explain the problems you had witht he previous dealer, and Hopefully they will want to make up for the other dealers mistakes, by treating you with the respect you deserve, and fixing the problems with your car properly the first time.

Another good bit of advise is get to know the tech that works on your car, because you are going to want to tell the tech the problems, and let the service advisor do the paperwork.

I find that too often the Service advisors do not tell the techs everything properly, and a lot of times things are missed.

If all else fails, Mercedes Benz USA is there to help. I think the number is 1800 FOR MERCEDES but I am not sure. Their website will definately have the number.

My father recently went through a horrible dealer experience. They had his car for 5 weeks, and tried to tell him he needed a new transmission and torque converter in a car with 60k on the odo, that has been driven maybe 10k in the last two years. They wanted something like $5000 or so for new tranny and torque converter.

My dad got it fixed at our local independent shop, for Less than $1700 and the problem? The transmission front pump was failing. but the dealer wanted to replace the whole tranny and the torque converter, both of which were perfectly fine.

Best thing to do is use the dealer until the warranty is up, then use a good independent.

When its your dollar being spent, an independent is going to be easier on the wallet because they will fix things rather than just start replacing parts.

My car is at my independent for a Tranny rebuild right now. The dealer wants over twice what my independent is charging.

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