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I think one of our biggest problems is that we eat so many different kinds of food at one meal. The critters we evolved from, that is, human beings over the last 5 to 10 thousand years for starters, rarely had the opportunity to have grains, meat, milk, potatoes, sugar, cheese, and fruit all at the same meal, but we routinely do that.

Herbert Shelton did some pioneering work on food combining years ago and the people who wrote "Fit for Life' borrowed heavily from his work. He said animal protein was fine, but you shouldn't load it all down with a bunch of other stuff. In my 20s, I pursued that off and on, and I noticed that when I was really into it, my stomach felt lighter and my body odor got really faint. Then I'd go home for Thanksgiving and oh man, you can't say no to Mom and it does taste good, and Lord have mercy, I would be stinking like I couldn't believe within hours.

You look at the hunter gatherer model: they usually had an abundance of one or two items at a time. You kill a big animal -- you eat a lot of meat. During berry season, you'd eat a lot of berries, etc. An old mountain man once told me that if you have to kill a bear for food, or especially if you just want to and can choose when, the best time is right after blueberry season because the bear has eaten blueberries almost exclusively for a few weeks and his flesh has gotten all cleaned out and is tastier.

Taking that tip in a different way -- up in WA state where I lived most of my adult life, we have several U-pick blueberry patches, where I could eat as much as I wanted while picking, and take home a half full grocery bag for about $5 bucks -- about $50 to $100 retail. A girlfriend I got started on it used to call it "blue stool time."

Yep, it'd clean you out real good, and the evidence was easy to see -- internal cleansing the easy tasty way. Yes, dear friends, a 2 week stay at Dr. cmac's U-pick blueberry retreat center and you'll be a new critter! Try it, won't you?

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