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In spec huh? The average position of the steering wheel should be straight ahead. Any tech accepting less has too loose standards.

Take it back. The steering wheel position doesn't really have anything to do with the alignment spec! Its proper position is a result of making the adjustments properly while correcting the steering wheel location.

I always road test every alignment before and after. I write the steering wheel original position on my hand with my own code for distance from perfect (my code is actually the number of revolutions that will have to be taken on the tierods - through experience- to achieve straight steering wheel average) and incorporate that change in my alignment changes. If its perfect to start I only have to keep the relationship as I move the suspension during alignment. A proper quality check road test afterward is imperative as road conditions are ever so important in evaluating true center. Ex: a crowned road will need to be steered against, the wheel will be off center. If driving the speed lane on a divided highway the crown is often the other way and steering will be the other way as one steers into it. In other words the tech can not tell this to my specification from the alignment machine. It can only be tested on the road and RIGHT is in the eyes of the beholder; your eyes, take it back!
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