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1969 280 SEL running way too rich

Thanks ymsin, I'm having a blast with this particular vehicle. Even though it was awful to look at in the beginning I tried to keep focused on how good a shape the powertrain was in. It only had 80K on the motor and the automatic trans had been completely rebuilt two years before it was put into storage. In a couple of days I'll have an additional page up at the web site which will bring things up to date. The interior is finished now and the whole project is in the home stretch.
Steve, thanks so much for the insight and lore. I'll have to bookmark this thread as well if it keeps being this productive. The frustrating part was that there was precious little information out there on this area of the car. The so-called workshop manuals were useless so the info that I got was obtained by talking to Mercedes mechanics and paying them for their time. Nothing pisses off a mechanic more than someone that wastes their time. Now I have to sell the second injection pump, hopefully to the company up near San Francisco that rebuilds them. Thanks all.
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